Let the Journey Begin

Empowering the mind, body and soul with a greater understand of our spiritual beings.

Spiritual Well Being

Empress Soalris believes in spiritual wellness. It is essential to our health and well-being. In finding purpose in life, we fortify our bond within and build connections with something larger than us. We are creating a community of common ground and understanding. Join us on this journey to grow our spiritual essence. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, unlocking your inner spirit is a noble ambition. Our blog is here to guide you through this journey. 

Via our blog you will find a series of articles and resources that will provide you with the insight you need to view and explore your values and beliefs. For those who are searching aimlessly this may help you find purpose in life. From tarot card reading and healing crystals to the finer aspects of unlocking our inner spirit and meditation we will provide you with context and practices to grow and discover yourself. We strive to help you cultivate a sense of spiritual well-being that will be solidified deep in your soul.

So please join us on this voyage towards spiritual wellness. Let’s discover the beauty of our inner selves together.

Tarot Card Reading

A direct line to our premium tarot card reading channel. Find the latest videos that will help you connect with your higher being and guide you through troubled and uncertain times. Our tarot card reading videos will help guide you through some of the deepest questions and life events as well as providing you with an adequate oracle reading of your horoscope. Empress Solaris has something for every person interested in spirituality, genuine wisdom and personal growth. She is there with you through every ebb and weave with guidance and positivity. Subscribe today and join the growing community of the spiritually enlightened. 

Healing Crystal Jewelry

The Empress offers a wide variety of her hand-crafted healing crystal jewelry with a multitude of jewels with different healing properties. Each gemstone is unique and is a source of potent healing potential. We surround ourselves with an abundance of love and positive energy with the assistance of such stones. Our jewelry is one of a kind and made with care and attention to detail. The selection includes popular gemstones such as amethyst, rose quartz, blue and green aventurine, tiger’s eye and many more. Each item is suited for a multitude of occasions with a distinctive style that is undoubtedly Empress Solaris. They make excellent gifts and personal healing talismans. There is something worth everyone’s time in our store.